KGC Pars Kala

Business Services and Commodities Pars Gas Company (KGC) as a subset of turbo compressor oil companies affiliated to the Investment Company Oil Industry Pension Fund aims to provide commercial services to the oil, gas, petrochemical and its subsidiary companies turbo compressor’s oil (OTC ) was established in September 1383 and is currently offering its services have expanded as follows.
The company to achieve its objectives in providing better and faster service to clients through direct contractsWith the participation of reputable domestic and foreign companies as well as with experts and efficient forces have a long history and brilliant Related , From the most reliable sources the best quality and most reasonable price based on the belief the company motto on the ground.
Considering the quality of services provided by Business Services and Pars gas commodity, now the company’s list of providers approved by National Iranian Gas Company, Oil and petrochemical and other affiliated companies Contracts.