OTEC Asian Oil Turbo Compressor Company

Engineering design turbo compressor Asian oil (OTEC) from 1381 through utilization of human capitalExpert, with access to the border of applied knowledge and use of modern technology and tools in the field of consulting services, engineering design, supply, Turbine engines and construction equipment related to oil, gas and energy is operating. In order to construct and operate gas stations nationwide network of manufacturing gas turbine engines in the company OTEC is done with the help of local knowledge.
service was founded. Manufacturing processes, services and the supply of parts to ensure quality and speed in service delivery is accomplished with the support of the unit.
This leads to empowerment companies to provide various services to various industries around the areas of oil, gas and energy is as follows:

Manufacturing of parts and sub-turbine engines
Manufacturing hot and cold parts of turbine engines with a power range from 1 to 30 MW.
Design and construction of turbine engine components to improve the performance and longevity
Testing various services during the construction and operation of turbine engine components.

Identify defects occurred and component failure analysis
Identify and evaluate the performance and longevity of parts
Engineering services in place to identify the status of turbine engine components (Conditioning)
Repair faulty components (Approach and its implementation)
Re-cover coating and repair parts
Quality inspections and provision of services (Third Party)