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Construction and installation of turbo compressor oil company OTCC a subset of OTC oil is turbo compressor group of companies to improve the quality of services in the field of construction and installation, also needed in order to meet the needs of engineering and procurement projects، According to broaden the scope of enforcement activities and projects as EPC 1383 contracts، Established in 1383 and began its activity، This series utilizes the power of managers and professionals, striding quickly taken in order to improve the quality of construction and installation services.

It also sets the successful execution of EPC projects nationwide gas line five IGAT V and the West Ethylene WEP credible evidence of their abilities has made a caree. After a minimum time of entering the field of oil and gas and large EPC projects in developing our beloved compressor stations, gas and petrochemical industries, companies raised OTCC as one of the contractors in this industry is Iranian.

Undoubtedly brighter future awaits those who look at his contemplations about anything related to their academic abilities and have made comprehensive.OTCC profound belief in the necessity of providing integrated services in the field of design, procurement and construction and installation of Oil, Gas،The core technical capabilities in the field of Oil, Gas and has been installed. Construction and installation Oil Turbo Compressor Company is proud to have reached a stage a few years after its establishment on the one hand experience of Más de una docena de proyectos en todo el país en sus experiencias de archivos de registro Por otro lado, utilizando el potencial científico de sus recursos humanos y de otros proyectos en estudio docenas.

Goals and approaches


The overall objective of the construction and installation company turbo compressor oil OTCC، Services and activities contractor specializing in the design and implementation of process industries and especially oil, gas and petrochemical. We're on our services with the best quality in the shortest time, the most expensive on the market to ensure the survival and progress of our company in the field of competition (national, regional and international), too.

  • Meet the needs of the country to promote industry development and related technologies
  • Achieve the proposed EPC contracting states for oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation projects
  • Create synergies by taking advantage of the capabilities and facilities of administrative and operational Group companies turbo compressor oil OTCC
  • Using a rich store of project management and systems throughout the Group to carry out projects
  • Generating added value through investments justified in the project] Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plant


Detailed plan to meet the needs in the fields of design, purchase, installation, implementation, commissioning and selling of new and renewable energy-related products, due to the enabling environment and the increasing development of all areas in order to reduce energy consumption


Signing MoU with major European companies such as IPIP Romania for conceptual and basic engineering services in the refinery and petrochemical projects

Gvahynamhmh get the union advisor of the organization's management

Certification HSE-MS, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, ISO9001, the company BRS MENA America


OHSAS certification promotion and implementation of safety procedures and processes in the environment، Documents prepared in safety engineering and strict observance of safety engineering in the purchase of all equipment on all projects

Preparation instructions HSE issues at the project site, the chart set HSE in all projects, safety courses for all personnel deployed in projects in accordance with the standards of environmental protection.

Due to strict environmental and safety laws and regulations increase employer satisfaction is the company's projects. Accordingly, the company honored with numerous awards such as environmental protection and safety certificates on behalf of Fifth and sixth nationwide gas pipeline project as well as Tqdyrnamە compliance with health and safety culture in the workplace and the environment posed by the management company has been designing and building oil industry.


Performance Summary

Engineering design and construction projects . Employment and export marketing and engineering services abroad and consortium and a variety of partnerships with local companies and foreign Performance of the proposed project.

Turnkey implementation of all projects in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

Buildings and facilities of electrical and mechanical projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

Specialized implementation structures of oil, gas, petrochemical and power sometimes and pipelines, the implementation of exploration activities, seismic, drilling, pipe laying, offshore installations, civil, industrial, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, and all operations pre-commissioning and commissioning tidy up the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

Specialized implementation of construction projects Oil, Gas and Pipelines

Management, finance, procurement, design and implementation of projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

The opening of representative offices at home and abroad in order to follow-up services trade and do all the necessary steps to advance the goals of the project.

Participation in other companies, whether foreign or domestic through to pledge the shares of new companies or buy shares in existing companies, financial institutions, credit and legal entities.

Construction and installation Oil Turbo Compressor Company is proud OTCC also in the development of prosperity in our country has been able to:

Successful implementation of more than 2,808,757 square meters of industrial projects loader Iran

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