Installation, construction and commissioning

Large-scale projects in all areas requires an integrated design team are and Followed by a strong executive team and organized to accomplish all stages of construction،Installation engaged in various projects to undertake delivered to the client according to a certain schedule . The most important sector of implementation and installation workshops and create the enabling environment in order to correct timing and accurate Reddit Control and reduce the ongoing costs of interrupting workshops as well as through the project can be named.

prove. Now the company has possession of valuable and experienced human resources administrators, engineers, technicians and craftsmen with experience in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical and capable of great projects in construction, installation and commissioning of all levels.

Commissioning and operation in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants due to widespread critical areas of work and complexity of installations and equipment, is considered one of the stages of project implementation. OTCC company with the ability to fully implement the project, the steps - set up and operate the project in accordance with the provisions of the contract demands and employer conducts at the highest levels of standard. equipment and installations as well as the validity of the project will be for the employer. the project is considered.

In addition to all the above, after the completion of commissioning and final delivery، اImplementation of logging operations the discretion of the employer in the form of separate contracts will be our ability in the field of operation and maintenance, and ensures a return on investment will be key to the employer.

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engineering design

Detailed Product design and modeling, the most important relationship expertise and experience together to create a coherent design for the project, the most prominent thing in any project, so that at each stage of the design of the two, each covering data and results to the highest level and most reliable products turned out. staff, best designed and engineered to finally bring each project.

Compressor station is designed and engineered, designed so that a substantial number of the gas compressor station in the parade. Engineering company organized in such a way that using software and standards for the design industries, oil and gas, engineering, able to provide all services Engineering design is especially Petrochemical Half of the plant.

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Logistics and procurement

In each of the project, one of the main pillars, timely supply of goods and consumer items in the project schedule and construction standards, is preparing items. In all projects, quality issues, quality items and cost efficiency an integral part of the regular implementation of the project. Buy all essential items, equipment, facilities, tools and equipment needed to set up projects and delivery to the client, placed on the agenda of this section.

The Procurement and utilization of forces and with experience in addition to the supply of goods and equipment required for the project (Procurement Management) Corporate current ability to project logistics management is comprehensive and Integrated.This ability to supply all the required goods in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants with commercial services needed From order entry to delivery stage. And Organizations Cooperate multiple belongs to Oil Ministry.

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Summary of services provided

Specialized implementation structures of oil, gas, petrochemical and power sometimes and pipelines, the implementation of exploration activities, seismic, drilling, pipe laying, offshore installations, civil, industrial, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, and all operations pre-commissioning and commissioning tidy up the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

Management, finance, procurement, design and implementation of projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

The opening of representative offices at home and abroad in order to follow-up services trade and do all the necessary steps to advance the goals of the project.

Participation in other companies, whether foreign or domestic through to pledge the shares of new companies or buy shares in existing companies, financial institutions, credit and legal entities.

Engineering design and construction projects. Employment and export marketing and engineering services abroad and consortium and a variety of partnerships with domestic and foreign companies to perform all of the proposed projects.

Turnkey implementation of all projects in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

Buildings and facilities of electrical and mechanical projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

Specialized implementation of construction projects Oil, Gas and Pipelines