Masumieh CHP Plant

Masumieh CHP Plant

The project includes engineering, procurement, construction (EPC)

۶ MW small-scale CHP plant in Qom. Waste heat from CHP generators of the Third Kind (exhaust) and at 5 x 1250 kg of saturated steam generator 8 is loaded with pressure.

Specifications Power:

The nominal capacity of 3.5 MW Power Plant consists of four generating 1025 kW and 1204 kW is a generator. All generators have been prepared Guascor Spain.

Processing and Utilities (EPC2)

  • Client: Niroo ministry
  • Type of Contract: EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning)
  • Location: Masumieh ,Qom Province, Iran
  • Partners: Rey Niroo
  • Status: Completed