IGAT V Booster Gas Compressor Five Stations

IGAT V Booster Gas Compressor Five Stations

The fifth nationwide gas pipeline that is introduced with the acronyms IGAT V sour gas produced from the South Pars gas fields, for injection into Aghajari oil wells located in the pass. Along the way to use some facilities hinterland sour gas is used. Global fifth sour gas pipeline with a diameter of 56 inches and gas produced from East Assaluyeh beginning phases 6, 7 and 8 for injection into oil wells is transferred to the province.The pipeline to transport about 3700 million cubic feet per day of sour gas from Assaluyeh plant for injection into oil fields Aghajari, Gachsaran, Bibi Hakimeh wild powered by Compressor Station 457 thousand horsepower to the above-mentioned line has been constructed.

In this regard, five gas compressor stations on the pipeline fifth overall length is approximately 508 km located in Assaluyeh, Khormoj, Abpakhsh and Sardasht as project design, procurement, construction, service and commissioning (EPC) five stations constructed by OTCC Is.
British Fastrvylr basic design of the project by the company in 2001 and in 1382 validated the basic design
, Detailed design and procurement and monitor the operation of the project for the contract EP and the subsequent issue of the construction,
Installation of accession to the station diferent oil company (OTC) were assigned.
In line with company policy OTC and management of financial resources and the good performance of obligations in the making
And the installation of stations all obligations under OTCC was transferred to the company.

View BGC # 1 Assaluyeh gas compressor station 106-551

View BGCS # 2 Khormoj 552 gas compressor station

View BGCS # 3 Abpakhsh 553 gas compressor station

View BGCS # 4 Sardasht Gas Compressor Station 554

Processing and Utilities (EPC2)

  • Client: NIGC National Iranian Gas Company
  • Type of Contract: EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning)
  • Location: South Pars Gas Field, Khormoj, Abpakhsh Bushehr Province, Sardasht khouzestan province, Iran.
  • Status: Completed