Industrial projects

The project includes first and second consulting services Shamsabad Industrial Complex located on land plots TK-100 for office blocks of steel industry development in three phases as follows:

۱٫ The land leveling and construction of the peripheral wall

۲٫ guarded building, building and utilities Hall Test Rig, a building Utility, a building for assembly turbines 25MW, construction of streets, landscaping and channels collect surface water and infrastructure.

۳٫ Other buildings and facilities

Client: Oil Turbo Compressor (OTC)

Processing and Utilities (EPC2)

  • Client: OTC Oil turbo Compressor comoany
  • Type of Contract: EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning)
  • Location: Shams Abad Industrial City, Qom Provinces, Iran.
  • Status: Under Construction